So this week's been absolute shit, but, hey, I got to make a jack-o'-lantern.

Never had a conga line of disappointments quite like this past week. But why be so negative? Lot's of cool stuff happened, too. Here's a breakdown of this week in an easy-to-chew vitamin form: 

Bad Stuff:

-Some other stuff regarding senior year.

Good Stuff:

-Have a shot at a B in Calc this 9-week period. I guess that's a good thing...
-I'm a QuestBridge finalist! I can has Yale or Standford, plz?
-I got to carve a pumpkin at school with my lovely friends.
-I watched my dearest fluidic  play World of Warcraft and gorged myself on pizza afterward. 
-wonderment  has got me watching Playful Kiss, an adorable Korean drama. 
-I'll be visiting my aunt and uncle in Texas next week! 
-I talked to my Spanish cousin today over the phone.*

*In fact, I have a whole slew of cousins in Spain I've never talked to before. The one from today was a 12-year-old girl, who didn't seem very interested in the conversation, heheh. There's one closer to my age. Carlos, 18. Supposedly, he and I got along famously at ages two and one, respectively. Haven't seen him since then, sadly. -sigh- His accent must be pretty hot. Oh, don't give me that look. We're technically second cousins. >.> 

Does This Mean I've Grown Up? Nope, It's a Rant Post.

Who knew foreshadowing happened in real life? She told me I'd suffer if I procrastinated. She told me I'd struggle if I didn't shape up. And of course I believed her. She's much more than a teacher to me; she's a second mom. I believed her, but I didn't take heed. 

Damn it all, I'm going to fucking persevere if it's the last goddamn thing I do, because I've destroyed myself over the last four years for this, and just like Harry Jekyll, I can see that wanton brutishness in my graying face and think that perhaps everyone can see it, too. That's why she foreshadowed this. I had over a month, really, to turn in that application. I've had weeks to learn the material for Monday's Calculus test, and I've had since the beginning of the school year to get my shit together. But that's just me. Vain, plain, and lazy. 

I'll keep this rant short, because at the moment I am able to see things clearly. I've got the Gates Millennium Scholarship application open in a tab, people who still respect me, time. Bless me, for once I have time. 


Who could have guessed that all those who placed orderliness and ambition over natural talents and cleverness were actually in the right? 

My plans:

1. Pass Calculus
2. Get all my applications out.
3. ????
4. Profit. 
gibson girl

The Death of Rebeka Jr.

I knew, even before the Geek Squad man had spoken, that little Rebeka was never going to see my German USB hub again! Indeed, my wee HP Pavilion Slimline desktop is now ready for computer Heaven; her motherboard has died, like a teenage girl's brain after a car crash.

I have lost everything. It smarts like the death of a dozen newborn Chihuahuas. Worst of all is that Rebeka was my only connection to people that I love deeply. r_uoi  and burstinggirl ! My loves! And fegie , I will never get to properly talk to you.

Life is going to be very dark and sad from now on.

(Writing from Steven and Matthew's house.)

Writer's Block: Back to the future

If you were 12 and could see yourself now, do you think you'd be happy or disappointed, and why?

The Magik Door opened slowly, very slowly, as though what stood behind it was much too cool and awesome for little Clarice to comprehend. She quickly tired of its teasing and yanked the Door-Nobb with all the force of her chubby arms.

All at once, she wondered who this teenage!Clarice was and what she might be like. She envisioned a tall, beautiful lioness with flowing chestnut hair and--and boobies. And she'd be a clever talker like her father, too!

Light blinded her--and then it was all suddenly dim.

"Oh, hey." a low, flat voice greeted her. Clarice studied her older self for a moment.




February 19th Marked One Year in the Hetalia Fandom!
There's a reason why this is so late--2/19/09 was the first time I was exposed to Hetalia. Obsessions have incubation periods. A year ago today, I'd probably still be exploring Youtube for more on this "Hetalia" business.

My First Encounter
At the time, I loled hard. I thought this was chira-chira's original idea. Then, I read "Hetalia" and went to wiki to investigate.
"Fuck," says I.

I was admittedly a bit disappointed when I found out there was a show about anthropomorphisms of countries. Towards the end of freshman year, I'd toyed around with a similar idea (only the nations weren't nearly as cute) and will upload an old comic if I find one. I felt awefully silly.

To YouTube!

The first Heta-video I ever watched. I hadn't gathered my bearings on LJ yet, so I didn't have access to the main comm--or the canon material. Thus, I learned about the show by watching MAD after MAD after MAD. There was something so fucking amazing about Hetalia during that first month. Regretably, that amazingness isn't there anymore.

This is still a guilty pleasure, even though it makes no fucking sense.
My favorite pairing was US/Canada, because, IRL, it seemed the most practical, and I had shipped it in my own little human!countries story.

Mith and Puel and Fanfiction

So I was through with videos for a while. I wanted substance. I still couldn't find much of the source material, still hadn't found the main community, but I somehow ended up at
mithrigil and puella_nerdii
 's  fanfiction archive.
I now realize how much influence they had over my perception of Hetalia. I ate up their headcanon and became very knowledgeable about the fanon, though I was unaware that it was fanon.

But I explored, found the main comm, and  met a special girl, r_uoi 
I was still busy making OCs for the rest of the UK (because my obsession with the Celtic nations still came first), when I stumbled across an interesting post.

There were plenty of lols to be had and lots of headcanon to be shared.
 courtesy of wannaberaptor 
There I met this Manx girl, r_uoi , and acted like a total creep. However, she overlooked this and asked me for my msn. And the rest is history.

Well, she's just one of the good things to come of being in the Hetalia fandom. Others are burstinggirl , moonlighten  fanfiction, the kink meme, the TvTropes page. ...and
many many more!

A Lovely Relationship Reaches the Seven Year Itch.

I'm not saying it's time for a fandom switch, but I just don't get as excited about the show as I used to. I still love it, though, and I'll probably hold out until Hidekaz makes an Ireland or a Scotland or something. But they aren't allowed to look like this:

This took me so long to make. I'm such a loser sometimes.